TJSB Easy Credit

TJSB Easy Credit is a scheme for all small business units engaged in trading, manufacturing, service sector, etc.

All you need to know

  • Term loan against new/existing plant and machinery and commercial vehicle and Cash credit limit for meeting working capital requirements.
  • Loan Limit :
    Retail Traders & Shops – Maximum upto Rs.10 Lacs
    Manufacturing activity/Service Sector – Maximum upto Rs.25 Lacs
  • Rate of Interest : 10%*
  • Repayment Period :
    Term loan upto 84 months including moratorium
    (Moratorium maximum upto 6 months*)
    Cash Credit for 12 months with annual renewal
  • Who Can Apply : Individuals, Proprietary Firms, Registered Partnership Firms, LLPs, Private Ltd. Companies,etc.
  • i) Loan Application
    ii) KYC Documents
    iii) Financials
    iv) Statements of Accounts
    v) Other related documents as per bank norms

  • Prime Security :
    Term Loan – Hypothecation of new/existing plant and machinery and commercial vehicle
    Cash Credit – Hypothecation of stock and book debts
  • Guarantors :
    i) One acceptable guarantor of satisfactory income and net worth*
    ii) Individual Partners in case of Partnership firms
    iii)LLP & Directors in case of Company
    iv)Security Owners
    v)Nil Guarantor in case of 100% Collateral Security
  • Borrower & Co-Borrower : Regular membership fees
  • Guarantors : Nominal membership
* “Conditions Apply. Loan at the sole discretion of the Bank”

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