Centralized Positive Pay System (CPPS)

As per RBI  vide Circular no.DPSS.CO.RPPD.No.309/04.07.005/202021 dated 25th September 2020, TJSB Bank has implemented the Centralized Positive Pay System (CPPS) w.e.f March 01st, 2021 in order to reduce the frauds and wrong payments of the cheques through the CTS clearing system.

The concept of  Positive Pay involves a process of reconfirming key details of the cheques issued by the customers. To utilize the Positive Pay facility, customers will be required to provide the following details of the cheques issued by them -

  • Account Number
  • Cheque Number
  • Cheque Amount
  • Cheque Date
  • Payee/ Beneficiary Name
  • Instrument Type

Presently Branch channel is available to customers to submit the cheque issuance details. (Other channels like Net Banking, ATM, Mobile Application will start shortly)

For more details please visit your nearest TJSB Bank branch.


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