Personal Loan

Avail a personal loan to meet your ceremonial or medical expenses, carry out house renovations, repay your debts or for any other reason acceptable to the Bank.

Avail Loan up to Rs.5 Lacs.
Flexible repayment tenures up to 60 months
Zero prepayment charges

All you need to know

  • Loan Limit : Maximum upto Rs.5 Lacs
  • Repayment : Maximum 60 months
  • Pre-Payment Penalty : Nil
  • Rate of Interest : Applicable from time to time.
  • Service Charges : Applicable from time to time.
  • Margin : Applicable from time to time.

    Get Personal Loans from TJSB Bank.

  • For Salaried Persons :

    i. Employees of reputed and financially sound organization.
    ii. Minimum Gross take home salary of INR.20,000/- per month and confirmed service for at least one year.

  • For Businessmen & Professionals :

    Business should have establishment of minimum of three years.

  • Co-Applicant :

    Spouse /parents of the applicant can be taken if required.

  • Duly filled form with :

    i. Income Proof of Applicant(s) & Guarantor(s)
    ii. Residential Proof of Applicant(s) & Guarantor(s)
    iii. PAN Card of Applicant(s) & Guarantor(s)
    iv. KYC of Applicant(s) & Guarantor(s)

  • No Prime Security
  • Two Acceptable Guarantors and Security holders to be also taken as guarantors.
  • Other Charges : One Upfront EMI, Franking Charges, etc
  • Borrower & Co-Borrower : Regular membership fees @ 5% of unsecured loan amount (Max Rs.5 Lacs)
  • Guarantors : Nominal membership.

To apply for Personal Loan, please download the below listed form and submit it to your nearest branch.

* “Conditions Apply. Loan at the sole discretion of the Bank”

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