Aadhaar Link Account

LPG for Domestic Cooking is heavily subsidized. In order to restrict the use of subsidized LPG, for the benefit of genuine domestic customers, every household is permitted only one registered LPG connection in the name of one of the family members. However, every registered customer is entitled to receive refills as per his domestic cooking need.

TJSB is the first Co-operative Bank to be empanelled with UIDAI to receive Central & State Government Scheme Benefit.

  • Aadhaar is providing a unique opportunity to every resident of the country.
  • Integrating the Aadhaar number of the resident, by a one-time validation process, to identify the beneficiaries of subsidized LPG across the OMCs will help to clean their digitized data base, by de-duplicating the Aadhaar numbers.
  • Currently, domestic LPG is supplied at a subsidized price and the subsidy component is designed to be paid by the government directly to the OMCs.
  • It is desirable for the government to distribute LPG in the entire supply chain at the market price, removing the incentive for its diversion.
  • The integration of Aadhaar Number of the beneficiary and performing Aadhaar Authentication at the time of service delivery will enable the government to consider leveraging the Aadhaar Enabled Bank Account of the beneficiary.
  • The subsidy amount will be directly credited for a verified residential delivery. In such a scenario LPG can be supplied at the market price.

On opening an AADHAAR ENABLED TJSB BANK ACCOUNT following benefits will be directly credited in your account :

  • Domestic Gas Subsidy
  • State & Central Government Salaries
  • Scholarships
  • Retirement Pensions and more…
  • Provide a self-attested Xerox copy of the AADHAAR card
  • Fill the TJSB Mandate form to link the Account to Government Subsidy payment through AADHAAR Number.
  • Open a TJSB Savings Account
  • Give AADHAAR card Xerox as the Identity proof along with PAN Card (Self attestation must)
  • Fill TJSB Mandate Form to link this account to Government Subsidy through AADHAAR Number.
  • Open a TJSB Savings Bank Account, if you do not have the same.
  • Collect your 15 digit account number from the branch.
  • While applying for AADHAAR Card, submit details (As referred in Part C – Financial information of AADHAAR Card Application Form)
  • Tick in the box to link existing bank account to AADHAAR

    Mention Bank Name & 15 digits account number

  • Submit Mandate to the Branch along with Xerox copy of AADHAAR application form.
  • 1. While applying for AADHAAR Card, submit details (As referred in Part C – Financial Information of AADHAAR Card Application Form)

    Tick in the box to link existing bank account to AADHAAR

    Mention Bank Name & the 15-digit account number.

  • 2. Submit mandate to link your account to AADHAAR.
  • 3. Submit a Xerox copy of the application form.
  • What is AADHAAR?
  • AADHAAR is 12 digit unique numbers that stores demographic and biometric information of a Card Holder (With Photograph)

  • Why to get AADHAAR?
  • To get benefits of government schemes and financial inclusion.

  • Who can get AADHAAR?
  • Any citizen

  • How to get AADHAAR?
  • To go to enrollment agencies and give detailed application with residence proof and identity proof

  • Why should I link my account to AADHAAR Card??
  • To get Seamless credit of govt. benefits and other credits like pension salaries.

  • How to link the account?
  • You have to open account with TJSB and give AADHAAR card number or link your existing account with AADHAAR card.

  • In joint account what is the procedure?
  • Only first person can link to AADHAAR card.

  • I have applied AADHAAR card but not yet received?
  • Give your Enrollment identification number copy to TJSB bank for existing account or customer can open new account.


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