TJSB Housing Top Up Scheme

For house repairs, house renovation,purchasing of home appliances,etc.

Flexible repayment tenures up to 120 months
Zero prepayment charges
Nil Collateral Security

All you need to know

  • Purpose :
    i) House Repairs
    ii) House Renovation
    iii) Purchase of home appliances
    iv) Business Expansion, Business Development, etc.
  • Loan Limit : Existing housing loan + new top up loan not exceeding Rs.70 Lacs
  • Repayment Period :
    i) Maximum 120 Months/120 EMIs OR
    ii) Till Expiry of Existing Housing Loan OR
    iii) Till Date of Retirement age if salaried and upto the age of 65 if professional
    Whichever is earlier.
  • Pre-Payment Penalty : Nil
  • Rate of Interest : 8.50%* p.a.
  • Who can Apply

    All the Existing Exclusive Housing Loan Borrowers subject to
    i) Last 3 years satisfactory repayment track record of existing housing loan
    ii) Property should not have link with any other commercial limit funded or non- funded
    iii) Absolute possession of property with the owner.

  • Related Documents as per bank norms.
  • Prime Security : Existing Residential Property charged to Housing Loan.
  • Guarantors :
    Co-owner if not co-borrower
    Any family member (preferably spouse)
* “Conditions Apply. Loan at the sole discretion of the Bank”


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