• Opening NRO (Rupee) / NRE (Rupee) at all branches.
  • FCNR accounts at select IBD Branches for NRI.
  • Handling of Inward and Outward Remittances (Trade Related).
  • All types of Remittance are pertaining to Education / University Fees, Medical Expenditures, Maintenance Expenses, Permissible Investments Abroad.
  • Handling of Export Documents.
  • Export finance in the form of Pre-Shipment & Post-Shipment (Concessional interest rate).
  • Opening of Import letter of credit, UD Dollar cheque collections.
  • Currency changing facility at selected branches.
  • Prepaid multi currency Travel card in 18 currencies at selected branches.
  • We can open a letter of credit (LC) on your behalf of any party in any country.
  • We handle intermediary trade transactions.
  • Import related remittances for advance payment in 8 major currencies and other misc. currencies as well.
  • You can call your Direct documents through our Bank on D/P, D/A basis.
  • You can avail Pre-Shipment / Post-Shipment finance at very attractive interest rates against LC or Confirmed Order.
  • Advising of an export Letter of Credit issued in your favour.
  • Export related remittances.
  • We will handle your Export bills on collection basis or can negotiate or discount.
  • EEFC A/C & Diamond Dollar Account can be used to keep your export receivables to match import commitments.
  • We handle all types of remittance requirement towards Education fees, Medical treatment,Family maintenance,Gift and any other purpose(permissible in LRS under FEMA guidelines).
  • You can call for remittances permissible under FEMA.
  • Residents can remit funds for Overseas Investment (permissible under FEMA guidelines).
CURRENCY-BUY 73.17 82.85 97.25 0.65 51.95 79.48 57.13 53.55
CURRENCY-SELL 76.78 86.96 102.06 0.68 54.54 83.38 59.93 56.18
TC-BUY 73.36 83.06 97.49 0.65 52.08 79.69 57.28 53.69
TC-SELL 76.59 86.75 101.81 0.68 54.40 83.17 59.79 56.05
TT-BUY 74.60 84.47 99.15 0.66 52.97 81.04 58.25 54.60
TT-SELL 75.34 85.33 100.15 0.67 53.51 81.81 58.81 55.13
BILLS-BUY 74.55 84.42 99.08 0.66 52.93 80.98 58.21 54.57
BILLS-SELL 75.39 85.38 100.21 0.67 53.55 81.86 58.85 55.16

02.12.2021 @ 10:31 AM

  • Exchange rates mentioned are indicative & are subject to change as required base market fluctuations The final rate applicable unless mentioned will be the card rate prevailing at the time debit /credit to the account of the client
  • Threshold for card rate is USD 5000 or any other foreign currency equivalent to USD 5000
  • Indicative Rate of JPY in Hundred Unit



Curr Correspondent Bank SWIFT/BIC Account No
CAD National Bank of Canada, Montréal BNDC CA MM Account Number: 10561522800100101
CHF Commerzbank AG, Germany COBA DE FF Account Number: 400875122400CHF
EUR Commerzbank AG, Germany COBA DE FF Account Number: 400875122400EUR
GBP Commerz Bank AG, Germany COBADEFF Account Number: 400875122400GBP
JPY Bank of India, Tokyo BKID JP JT Account Number: 424123401000023
AUD Commerz Bank AG COBADEFF Account Number: 400875122400AUD
USD Bank of India, New York BKID US 33 Account Number: 121121604447049,
ABA ROUTING NO: 026005458
USD State Bank of India, New York SBIN US 33 Account Number: 77607046920001,
ABA ROUTING NO: 026009140
AUD State Bank of India, Sydney SBINAU2S Account Number: 30113037320001
SGD Commerz Bank AG, Germany COBADEFF Account Number: 400875122400SGD

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